Change the channel used by the Wi-Fi router

Everyone who wants to have enhanced Wi-Fi should choose a channel free from external radio signals. Such a popular program as in SSIDer (the free version for Android is also available on the official site) will help you determine the degree of workload that you can install yourself on your computer (or laptop) using your adapter. The tool helps determine the optimal network channel by scanning and diagnosing in real-time all the Wi-Fi connections closest to your computer. After getting acquainted with all the presented networks and channels, follow these steps:

Change router location

The correct placement of the Wi-Fi router sends an amplified signal, allowing you to extend your network coverage. To do this, it should be close to the device used to access the Internet. When several devices in different rooms are connected to the Internet, it is recommended to install the router as high as possible, choosing the central part of the apartment (or house). This location, characterized by the lack of distant rooms, will help strengthen Wi-Fi on a laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet due to the even distribution of the signal.

Setting the maximum power value in the router settings

Before using this method of Wi-Fi signal amplification, you should read the instructions that came with your router, because the procedure depends on the model and manufacturer. Most often, to increase the power of the router at home, you need to change a parameter such as “signal strength” in the “Settings” (or “Advanced Settings”) to set the highest value (“100%” or “High”).

Systematic router software update

It is possible Boost your mobile signal in China to strengthen the Wi-Fi on a laptop, computer or tablet after updating the outdated (or faulty) router “software”. Typically, in such cases, manufacturers offer a free download of the latest version of the firmware available on the official website, because Wi-Fi can only be strengthened after removing errors in the “firmware”. Before starting the update, make sure that the new firmware version and router model are compatible, to do this you need to specify the hardware and current versions of “firmware”. Information about the current version can be found in the device interface located in the router settings. The factory parameters are on the back of the router.